professional dynamic precise

What really matters – responsibility

The strength of saltech is the combination of agile organizational units and truly motivated personnel. Our employees feel responsible for the company and are fully committed to our values: professional, dynamic und precise. Business principles come to life at saltech. The trust we place in our highly motivated personnel has an immediate and positive effect on the product quality.

A direct and excellent customer service is essential for us. As our customer and partner you can fully depend on us.

And of course you can count on the quality and safety of our products. Since the establishment of our company in 2002, we have successfully positioned ourselfes in the market. During this time we registered several patents, took up production in Switzerland and successfully sold our products. saltech is steadily growing every year, creating new jobs.

The majority of our products are qualified and deployed by NATO and the Swiss Armed Forces.

Our system – Your solution

Our future – a key to your success

In the future we intend to develop the excellent performance and profitability of our company even further by:

  • identifying technological trends and customer needs at an early stage in order to be among the first to launch innovative products

  • establishing ourselves as one of world‘s leading suppliers of sniper systems

  • closely cooperating with our customers and partners and defining the required performance parameters
  • expanding the range of products in every core area, thus offering our customers more from one source. Quality, not quantity is our guiding principle

  • maintaining the flexibility and agility of our organisation and processes and keeping the administrative costs low.