Quality, not quantity

Your professional partner

for the development, manufacturing and distribution of ammunition, focusing on:

training and combat cartridges

sniper ammunition

law enforcement ammunition

mortars and ammunition


Ammunition – our core areas

Law enforcement ammunition – our core areas

Mortars and ammunition – our core areas
60 mm, 81 mm and 120 mm

  • We win over customers with our range of arms and ability to handle ammunition of all calibers for training and deployment.

  • Our sophisticated production technology meets all quality requirements and testing processes.

  • All components and modules are produced and assembled by saltech.

  • We offer product maintenance and services at professional saltech standards.

Support – our investment into the future

As a competent and reliable partner we support and advise our customers when it comes to:

  • Creating simple, innovative and economically efficient solutions for the processing of ammunition

  • Testing and transformation of tactical supplies for subsequent return to the consumption cyclus

  • Surveillance testing of ammunition, related components and chemicals against the specified requirements

  • Decommissioning and disposal of ammunition and irritant agents

  • Identification of technological, product or market trends and presentation of product and process innovations.